Data Enrichment

Maximizing the quality of your internal customer database through augmentation with unique datasets.

Improving the quality of customer data drives incremental growth in sales and allows for higher performance marketing campaigns.

Through various partnerships, we can enrich customer data with key demographic, psychographic and even contact information for a holistic view of your end customer.

Enrichment of First-Party Data

First-party data is first mapped through various social targeting platforms.

Augmentation with Financial

Leveraging third-party financial data from various industry-leading sources to augment customer profiles with financial and purchase data (where possible).

Reporting & Analytics

After augmenting the data, reports and detailed analytics are provided surrounding the demographic and psychographic profiles of your audience.


Your trusted source.


Quality Management System

  • Risk-based approach - Based on our Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle
  • Focused on dynamic growth and continual improvement
  • Fault-tolerant - No single point of failure
  • Fully certified and auditable chain of custody
  • cGMP, FDA Registered - OTC Drug Approved, Kosher, Vegan
  • Currently producing products for major brands - Proven large-scale capabilities


Risk Mitigation

  • Experience - Our team has decades of experience in state-of-the-art facilities with rigorous SOPs.
  • Traceability - We're dedicated to ensuring your product is what we say it is. There is transparency and full traceability in what we do in order to guarantee our product quality, safety, and consistency.
  • Studies - Clinical trials are conducted to ensure the efficacy of our products.
  • No Guesswork - We monitor, evaluate, and test — from seed to shelf.