Programmatic Advertising

Leveraging AI-powered display marketing, OneQor Digital can scale media campaigns and advertising across millions of placements with far fewer resources.

We execute high level paid media programs for your cannabidiol brand. Our managed campaigns places your brand in front of millions of potential customers to drive targeted traffic and customer acquisition like never before.

Premium Ad Inventory at Scale

Our managed campaigns allow for video, display, native and retargeting across a global inventory of CBD-friendly publishers. Whether targeting a couple hundred or tens of millions, our solution can scale with your need for greater inventory.

Advanced Targeting Capabilities

Our managed campaigns allow for specific traffic to be driven by region, dayparting, device, demographics and interests. This eliminates any challenges with targeting the wrong audiences or users, even across multiple devices and applications.

From the science to the strategy, the manufacturing to the testing, and the demand to the end-consumer delivery — OneQor ensures everyone can Start Living — with the help of our best-in-class formulations and product offerings.

- OneQor Team